Light the night with Zazu Kids Lou and Cheeky Rascals


Bedtime can be difficult with toddlers. The last few months have seen an increase in Taylor resisting sleep and waking through the night. In a bid to help reduce the bed time struggles we introduced the Zazu Kids Lou owl night light. Of course I’d be a fool to think a night light is going to solve our bedtime […]

An introduction to play through puppets with puppets by post


Keeping a toddler entertained can be a tough job. Of course silly faces, tickles and a game of chase will have them laughing away, but only for so long. When it comes to keeping Taylor entertained he wants interaction, he thrives on being able to get involved and contribute to the fun, rather than simply sitting […]

Keeping a lid on it with Korbell and Cheeky Rascals


Aside from tears and tantrums one of the less than perfect parts of parenting is the smell. Sure you get used to it but nothing can prepare you for it. That strong smell that hits you as you enter your child’s bedroom of a morning or come home from work having been used to the outside world. Nappy smell. Their’s no […]

Pushchairs and Prosecco with Stokke at Back in Action


Last week saw me day tripping to London for various reasons. One of which was to pop in and see our lovely friends at Stokke. It also involved prosecco, canapés and macarons. It was as amazing as it sounds. Stopping by London’s Back in Action branch; Stokke’s flagship London store. I was able to see all things Stokke under […]

Win a Bundle of HUGGIES® Pure Wipes for you and baby!


HUGGIES® Wipes play a large role in our daily life, from wiping up spills and meal time mess to nappy changes they’re an everyday essential. In recent weeks Taylor’s level of independence has grown so much. As soon as he needs his nappy changing he will bring his mat and wipes to you announcing “I need”  – […]

Get ready for Halloween with B&M


Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble… – The season of spooks is upon us! I’ve always loved halloween, my mum used to carve us our own little lanterns and we’d go trick or treating dressed up, I was always a cat. I grew up on an army estate so it was […]